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Fresh Pasta

It’s no exaggeration to say that the whole Scarpetta team are one big family all genuinely mad about fresh pasta and the pure satisfaction it brings to the taste buds. We strongly believe there’s much more to pasta than flour and water.

Our pasta doesn’t come from the factory floor but it is made fresh every morning from the skilled hands of our very own artisan pasta makers, Italian pure masters in their craft. Our style of pasta originates from the regions of southern Italy, where food and agriculture are truly embedded in people’s sense of identity and belonging.


We bring to you products sourced directly from the mills and farms that we have known from our childhood, dishes and ways of cooking that have been passed on for different generations in our families.

Bringing such traditions to the heart of London and sharing our passion and love for such genuine products are the vital constituents that have driven the foundation of Scarpetta. Scarpetta itself represents a moment of joy. It is how Italians define the gesture of taking a piece of bread and wiping your plate clean to enjoy every last drop of sauce on your plate. It simply represents how Italians enjoy every moment in life and pasta is no doubt one of its greatest pleasures!


Scarpetta embodies the true essence of Italy and all that is good about Italian culture, cuisine and life. A country where natural obsession and love with food is ingrained from birth. Simple in its preparation, using the freshest of ingredients, combining a myriad of flavours and tastes that vary from region to region, from season to season. A truly magical place where age old secrets, recipes and food preparation skills are passed down from generation to generation.

Scarpetta represents the way Italians are, where passion abounds for all that is good in life and always enjoyed to the maximum. A place where conversation flows naturally like the red wines of Tuscany and where the hospitality and warmth of the people of the Mediterranean cannot be matched.



Where our pure semolina grain is grown and stoneground and where our products are sourced from.


Words fall short to describe Rome. Magnificent and timeless. Home to the classic yet always loved Amatriciana.

Bari, Puglia

Land of Semolina fresh pasta and where our Pasta Master Michele Fiore is from and worked in his family pasta shop for 30 years.


Home of the wold's finest truffle and culinary influence of our chef Pierluigi Sandonini.


The land of focaccia, made from the smoothest olive oil. Land where mountains and sea collide and where life can be enjoyed at its best.

San Siro Stadium, Milan

The Temple of Italian football (for our co-founder Uberto)!

Juventus Stadium, Torino

House of the old lady and temple of Italian football (for our co-founder Patrick)!


Culinary heaven and land of prosciutto, parmesan cheese and cappelletti (“galleggianti”).


Land of the amazing Spicy N'duja sausage which is no doubt one of Scarpetta's favourites!

Our Founders

Scarpetta’s founders are long-time friends Uberto Jasson D’Oria and Patrick Philion. Both Italian and food lovers, their vision is to create an Italian casual fast-food concept that guarantees genuine quality, authenticity and a real Italian experience. Scarpetta focuses on combining London’s fast pace with Italy’s artisan culture and simple way of creating delicious food.

Uberto Jasson D’Oria

Uberto Jasson D’Oria is the driving force behind Scarpetta’s operations. Growing up in his mother’s farm in southern Italy made him a self-confessed food romantic, and true appreciator of Italian artisanship. Ever since stepping foot in his newly adopted home in the UK Uberto has been on a quest to integrate the traditions of Italian cuisine with London’s fast-paced environment.

Patrick Philion

Patrick Philion is just as serious about good food as he is about business on the back of his experience in Investment Banking and love for fine dining. He oversees Scarpetta’s financials and communications knowing first-hand the high demands and preferences of London City’s workers. Patrick grew up in Parma which he says is simply “food heaven”.


Fresh Pasta





For our menu click here. Pasta sauces change weekly so be sure to find your favourite by calling the restaurant.




Scarpetta aspires to prepare fresh, traditional Italian food using only high-quality and healthy products such as locally sourced Italian grains and heart-healthy olive oil made directly in selected family farms.

For years, pasta has unjustly suffered from a fattening and high carb image. We’re here to tell you how untrue that is and how Mediterranean diets, based on balancing nutrients rather than excluding one or the other, are the healthiest and most effective in the long run. It’s no coincidence Italians have the highest rate of consumption of Pasta in Europe but also have the lowest obesity rate!

Our menu changes with the seasons and offers freshly made pasta dishes, as well as piadine, focaccia and ciabatta sandwiches, healthy salads, low-fat soups and a wide selection of fresh bakery delights and homemade desserts.

As Italians we also pride ourselves in making the best tasting coffee in the world. The smooth like silk texture and aroma of an espresso or the perfect creamy froth layering the cappuccino is an art. At Scarpetta we make sure every coffee is made with the same love and passion as done back home in Italy!


We at Scarpetta make fresh Pasta every morning and we take pride in working directly with the mills and farms from Southern Italy to have the highest quality flour sent to us. Our Pasta Master Michele Fiore is still using the same producers from Puglia as when he was in his own family workshop in Bari.

We use a very specific type of flour called Semola and our Pasta is made just with water and flour and no eggs. Semola flour is simply coarsely ground, hard durum wheat, and not the regular soft wheat used to make bread. It is digested more slowly and has a low glycemic index, which is good news for people wishing to control or reduce their weight and blood sugar, and especially for diabetics. In addition, pasta lovers will be also glad to know that pasta is generally lower in carbs than rice, and the carbs it does have tend to have a less drastic effect on your blood sugars than those in rice.


Semola is also full of proteins and has the fiber content to satisfy your most ferocious hunger and keep you from grabbing more fattening foods soon after finishing your meal. It is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, and contains zero trans fatty acids. It is high in vitamin E, an important antioxidant and immune system booster, and contains a fair amount of the B complex vitamins important to support your metabolism and ensure that you can convert food into useable energy (best for physical activities).

We hope you now understand why Pasta is a key ingredient in Mediterranean diets and why the Pasta we make at Scarpetta is of the highest quality you could find!

So next time you are undecided between a sandwich, sushi and a pasta…don’t let the “Carbs” story get in the way and come to Scarpetta!

"Loved it, best idea! Can you replace every KFC and McDonald’s around the country!? "
"Finally!!! Now I feel at home! Finally a real Italian pasta and made fresh! The interiors make me feel like I was at my nonna's! "
"Good music and very nice place. The food and coffee were brilliant!"
"Five stars for location, for cool cosy interior design, for delicious food and proper Italian coffee, for home-made pasta and for the friendliest staff in the City! "
"Best pasta in London and coffee is just like in Italy!"
"Absolutely fantastic.. Where were you until now???"
"If u want to try the real Italian food and the best coffee in town this is your place. I love this place "
"I’ve been waiting for a new pasta place to open and one’s finally here! I’m sure I’ll be in most days. The food, the people the atmosphere are all excellent! Very impressed "

Get in Touch & Deliveries

We provide deliveries with one day advance orders! Let us know what you’d like and we’ll do what we can (Sandwiches, Bakery, Pastries, Desserts…)! Send us a message or pop by Scarpetta for details!

You can also get in touch through info@scarpetta.me or call us on +44(0)20 7929 6901.

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Working at Scarpetta

As a member of the Scarpetta family you will have the opportunity to become a key part of the team from day one. It’s fast pace but we have lots of fun along the way. Great attitudes, big smiles, and fast movers grab our attention.

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